Boxing legend Muhammad Ali's new tribute book has picked up the honour of being the largest book ever published.

GOAT - as in Greatest of all Time - boasts 792 pages measuring 20 inches by 20 inches and weighs in at an astounding 75 pounds.

The 1,000 copies of the time sell for $75,000 (GBP41,600) and come with a 6-foot abstract sculpture by Jeff Koons and four prints by photographer HOWARD BINGHAM. The remaining 9,000 copies are a relatively low-priced $3,000 (GBP1,660).

Each copy, numbered and signed by both Ali and Koons, features more than 3,000 photographs from 200 photographers and artists.

The book's bindings are hand-stitched by the same Italian firm which services the Vatican, says German publisher TASCHEN BOOKS, which produces the books at a rate of 200 copies a week.

15/04/2004 21:01