The 17-year-old student has been snapped up by Wilhelmina Models, an agency whose client roster includes stars like Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas.

An agent working at Wilhelmina told "He has a great look. He's a well-rounded person. That's what we look for."

Another agency worker said the company has high hopes for the model, and they think he can be a success across all platforms including "film, TV, commercial, print… everything".

Biaggio is the son of Rasheda Ali Walsh, from Ali’s second marriage to Belinda Boyd. Keen American footballer Biaggio is based in Las Vegas, and is thought to be one of the U.S.’s top high school running backs. The athletic star’s Twitter profile has now added @Wilhelmina to the biography section. The agency’s social media accounts haven’t yet announced the news.

The world recently mourned the death of legendary boxer Ali, who passed away at the age of 74 on 3 June (16) after being hospitalised for respiratory illness. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s syndrome in the mid-‘80s, a result of his many years spent in the ring.

Biaggio has paid tribute to his grandfather online, changing his Twitter profile photo to a snap of Ali kissing a young Biaggio and writing "RIP Poppy" in his bio.

He also posted: "You taught us family is everything. You are in a better place now.. Rest in peace Poppy... Greatest to ever live."

And after a memorial was held in Ali’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, the model posted a video with the touching message: "Yesterday was a day I will never forget. It opened my eyes tremendously. This is LOVE. Poppy dreamt of this."