R+B sensation CIARA struggled to wear a volleyball player's uniform in her acting debut ALL YOU'VE GOT - because she hates her legs. The 20-year-old singer co-stars alongside Muhammad Ali's daughter LAYLA and 3LW singer Adrienne Bailon in the MTV-produced sports comedy, which is released on DVD next week (23MAY06). While film novice Ciara felt comfortable with her co-stars and the crew, she admits she regretted her 5 foot 9 (1.77 metre) height - especially when wearing a tiny skirt. She tells MTV, "I was taller than a lot of females, and it was hard for me to accept that. I wanted to be shorter, I couldn't take it. "I've learned now to accept it and embrace it. Accept yourself for who you are and love it. Being around these girls and seeing how they work their height and use it to their benefit, it really just made me say, 'Oh my goodness, thank you for blessing me.' It just made me feel even better, and I embraced it. "The film-makers made it look so beautiful."