The boxing daughter of legendary heavyweight champ Muhammad Ali has amazed fans by brawling with an opponent at a pre-fight press conference.

Laila Ali and CHRISTY MARTIN became impatient with just talking about the bout, so decided to start the contest early by hurling venomous insults at each other - and before anyone could stop the bruisers they launched into each other.

Laila, 26, said, "Why don't you just relax, homegirl?" before 35-year-old Christy replied, "Back up."

But Laila was having none of it and said, "No. You stood up to me, little momma."

Angry Christy then swung at Laila, who grabbed her hair before the pair sent the podium crashing to the ground in Gulfport, Mississippi, America.

An onlooker says, "Laila's hubby JOHNNY 'YAHYA' McCLAIN had to separate them. Sparks are sure to fly when they make it to the ring."

The female super middleweight fight is scheduled for 23 August (03) in Biloxi, Mississippi.

03/07/2003 14:03