The Wanted's music is going to get ''better and better'', according to Jay McGuiness.

The group have enjoyed worldwide success with their single 'Glad You Came' and Jay says the band don't feel the pressure with their next releases because they know how good their music is.

He said: ''You always want to do better than your last song, and we've always set a really high standard with 'Glad You Came' already. But I think we know now from the singles we've got in our pocket, there's no way we're going anywhere. We're here to stay, and our songs are going to get better and better. I'm just bragging so hard right now.''

Fellow member Tom Parker says the group - also consisting of Max George, Nathan Sykes and Siva Kaneswaran - like to take risks with their music and are confident of continuing their success, especially in the US.

He told MTV: ''I think the songs suggest about our musical growth. We're always willing to change it up. 'Glad You Came' set the precedent for America, but we've got big songs like 'Warzone' in the UK which is going to be on the EP, and that's a ballad with dubstep - something that a boy band has never done before. And we took a bit of a risk. I think everyone loved it, so we like to take risks with our music.''