Teen Mom 2 fans can breathe a sigh of relief, after Leah Messer made it clear she is staying with the MTV series despite speculation of a dispute over money. Jenelle Evans is also thought to be considering exiting the show, though Leah took to Twitter this week to play down the speculation.
She said, "lmao I never asked anyone for more money", adding, "My manager thinks I should get paid more but I didn't say sh*t about it". A report by Hollywood Life last week suggested Messer was on her way out of the show, with a source saying, "Whenever the issue of spin-off shows for the cast of Teen Mom 2 comes up, Leah has been holding her hand out for more cash.She really has gotten a big head because of all the attention. A lot of people in Elk View joke that she's like the redneck Kim Kardashian". Meanwhile, Jenelle re-tweeted a blog post on March 14, 2012 as her way of proving she's not leaving the show. The article read, "I'm moving to a new house so they CAN film at my house because the current apartment I live in will not allow it".
There have also been rumblings that Leah, 19, is considering quitting because she thinks the cameras are badly affecting her relationship with Jeremy Calvert. An insider said, "Leah says she's fed up with the interference in her life, and she can't take any more.It's no wonder she's cautious. She's already been through more stress in a year then some people face in a lifetime".