Stars of Teen Mom 2, the hit MTV series following young women and their struggles through motherhood, have slammed critics who claim the show glamorizes teen pregnancy. Teen Mom has made stars of its cast including Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer, but other women involved insist that was never the point.

In a series of tweets defending the show, teenage mother Kailyn Lowry said, "I'm so tired of hearing that 'Teen Mom' glamorizes teen pregnancy.I've been on my own & a single parent since I was 17. Is that glamorous? I don't have relationships w/either of my parents & I struggle dealing with teenage emotions & adult responsibility. That's glamorous?". Lowry also insisted the show is helping to discourage teen pregnancy, adding, "I wasn't picked for the show to be turned into a star, they chose me to show my struggles & help someone else think twice about their actions". There has reportedly been a documented drop in teen pregnancy rates since the show first aired - and Lowry feels the show's goals have been met.

Reports this week claimed main stars Jenelle and Leah were considering quitting the show after a row over money, though both took to Twitter to assure fans that filming had already got under way on the new season.