British MTV presenter Dave Berry has rubbished reports he is engaged to SUGABABE singer HEIDI RANGE - although he insists she is an "amazing woman".

The pair - who have been dating for five months - were rumoured to be planning a wedding after they were spotting shopping for flat furnishings at an English department store.

But Berry insists the couple are just happy dating: "That's just another of those rumours."

However he does concede, "Sounding gushy really isn't my style, but she's an amazing woman.

"She's very family-orientated, she's generous, she's happy, and she's fit, fit, fit.

"Heidi's one of the most incredible people I've ever met.

"If neither of us were well-known, I'd be the bloke standing on a box by my market stall shouting: 'That's my bird! Look at her!'"

The former model also slams the story that the couple are planning to move in together.

He explains, "What happened was that one of the papers spotted us in HABITAT buying loads of stuff for our flats.

"The story that came out of it was that we were moving in together."

02/04/2004 17:35