Twilight fever is coming round again and, just in case teenagers around the world weren't already squealing with excitement at the thought of the final film Breaking Dawn - Part 2, the studios have made another trailer available to the public just over two months before the full movie goes on general release. A 90 second clip was shown at last week's MTV Vma Awards, and now a new segment about a minute longer has been previewed by Mtv.

So what does the trailer show us? Mainly Bella (played by Kristen Stewart, of course) becoming accustomed to her new life as a vampire, something she seems to be taking to pretty well given that she comments "my life as a human is over, but I've never felt more alive." However, whilst looking after her child with husband Edward (Robert Pattinson), the clip also shows the pair having to seek help to fend off the Volturi council. Few clues to the ending are given, adding further intrigue given that it's already been stated that it will contain a different ending to the one written in the original books.

Of course, the now famous Youtube user Nutty Madam (she of the hysterical R-Patz/K-Stew break-up reaction) has had her say, and according to her the cast and crew have "done good". Given her, as ever, level-headed and considered response, we can surely expect great things from the final film when it's released on November 16th.