LATEST: MTV host VANESSA MINNILLO has laughed off reports her freshly divorced new boyfriend Nick Lachey is still pining for ex wife Jessica Simpson - as she insists she and the pop hunk are very happy together. The 25-year-old starred in Lachey's music video WHAT'S LEFT OF ME, which is based on the break-up of his marriage to Simpson. She tells Hollywood columnist PEREZ HILTON, "Nick's a really great guy. He's very sweet and we're really happy." MINNILLO claims the couple are dating each other exclusively and are determined to make their relationships work, despite the fact that she lives in New York City and he lives in Los Angeles. She explains, "There are certain sacrifices that we make. I'll travel with him on tour. He'll come to visit me. "We see each other as often as we can. We're gonna make it work." Lachey will be joining Minnillo in New York City over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, where he is set to perform at the MACy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular Tuesday (04JUL06). Minnillo, who was friends with both Lachey and Simpson before they divorced, claims she still likes Simpson, who is scheduled to appear on MTV's TRL with Minnillo to debut her new single A PUBLIC AFFAIR on 19 July (06). She adds, "I like Jessica. I'm a big fan. She's got a great voice and great style. She's amazing."