Leah Messer deserves congratulations, we suppose, for getting engaged again, though some critics might suggest that being engaged for the second time at just 19 years-old isn't the actions of someone heading down the right path in life; no matter though because Messer is apparently hugely happy with the announcement which sees her engaged to Jeremy Calvert.
Messer is the star of MTV reality show 'Teen Mom 2,' which follows her day-to-day life looking after her two year-old twins Aliannah and Aleeah. She had the two kids with Corey Simms when aged just 17 years-old, eventually going on to marry the father in 2010 only to divorce in April of last year.
Now though it seems things are on the up again with Us Magazine reporting a source that said "Leah just got engaged over the holidays and is pregnant with another child". It seems things have moved fast for the couple, with Messer telling Mtv News last month that they'd been talking about engagement for some time; in the interview she'd commented "We have a really good connection," before going on to compare him with her ex-partner by adding "It's different from Corey and my relationship, because we were kinda like forcing it... With Jeremy, you know when you're supposed to be with somebody and you're not".