A new book that cynically details the inner workings of reality television has revealed that the stars of MTV's hit show Jersey Shore were made to sign an agreement taking the blame for any sexual health problems that arose while filming the show, and waived the right to hold producers responsible for sexually transmitted diseases caught during filming.
Seth Kaufman, author of the dark, tell-all The King of Pain, tells the tale of TV producer Rick Salter, best known as the man behind controversial reality TV show, The King of Pain. The show, for those unfamiliar, pits contestants against various user submitted forms of torture that include severe sleep deprivation, starvation and even branding. The book goes on to tell of the contracts reality contestants are made to sign prior to appearing on a series. In it, Kaufman tells us that cast members of the Mtv show, as well as other shows, have to agree to what's known as a "VD clause" in which they agree not to hold show producers responsible for any sexually transmitted diseases they may catch while shooting the show. This means that stars Pauly D , Mike Sorrentino, Nicole Polizzi and the rest of the cast all ran the risk of catching some form of sexually transmitted disease on the show.
Kaufman seems to forget in the book that the show's stars, who are shooting the last season of the 'Shore, have as much responsibility to ensure their promiscuity doesn't result in health repercussions as producers.