The 'Jersey Shore House', a property in seaside heights used in the hit MTV series, has been targeted by vandals who have covered the outside of the building in graffiti. As if having nine party-loving tenants wasn't enough, the beach pad has been violated by hordes of vandals, though not all the 'tagging' was negative.
According to, the infamous house has been covered in names and random comments, such as "We love you Snooki". The damage is said to be so profuse that the realtor has been forced to repaint the house. People have also begun stealing roof shingles and messing with the front door, while the house is vacant. In light of the damage, security has been stepped up and local cops are on the look-out for local youths. The good news for Mtv bosses is that the show - which features Nicole Polizzi and friends partaking in debauchery - is not currently in production.
The cast members are set to return to the abode this summer to film series five of the show, after spending season four in Florence, Italy. Before that, the cast had travelled to Miami for season two.