A report on ITV's premium-rate interactive services is to be published today.

Auditing firm Deloitte has examined all programmes in which the viewing public had the chance to participate over the last two years, after serious allegations arose of viewers being misled.

ITV chairman Sir Michael Grade ordered the review after problems with premium rate phone-in services emerged, including viewers reportedly being charged for competitions in which they had no chance of winning due to their geographical locations, as well as allegations that contests remained open even when a winner had already been selected.

Grade cancelled all premium-rate phone-ins, interactive votes and competitions in March, while Deloitte carried out its investigation.

Though phone voting eventually returned to most programmes, quiz channel ITV Play has been abandoned after call volumes declined dramatically.

While no single ITV programme is thought to be culpable to the same extent as GMTV - fined £2 million by Ofcom last month after an alleged £35 million was made from viewers who had no chance of winning contests - the Guardian claims that Deloitte will reveal problems with some ten million calls made to ITV programmes over a two-year period.

18/10/2007 10:05:22