As numerous websites have indicated in their headlines, Myley Cyrus stole the show at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night. Indeed, there was far more talk online -- on blogs, on Twitter and on Facebook -- about Cyrus's sexy performance with giant teddy bears than about any of the awards themselves. Just watched that Miley Cyrus/teddy bear performance and I think I'm now legally required to put myself on some kind of registry, tweeted Time magazine TV columnist James Poniewozik. on NBC's Today show, guest Brooke Shields remarked, I was Hannah Montana's mother. I don't approve. The conservative Parents Television Council, which has spearheaded the campaign against television indecency, issued a statement today (Monday) saying, MTV has once again succeeded in marketing sexually charged messages to young children using former child stars and condom commercials -- while falsely rating this program as appropriate for kids as young as 14. This is unacceptable. Cyrus's performance even managed to eclipse a reunion of N'Sync with Justin Timberlake at the VMAs. (Timberlake won the top Video of the Year prize.)