SEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS has recreated the Oval Office in the White House for a series of public service announcements (PSAs) aimed at encouraging MTV viewers to vote in the upcoming presidential elections.

The politically-motivated rap mogul filmed one PSA in a mock-up setting of the desk where American presidents make their addresses to the nation, and decided to ask friends to join him.

In Diddy's PSA, he sits writing out a list of things he would do "If this was my country..." He abruptly stops, looks straight into the camera and says, "This is my motherf**king country and if it's your's, make sure you vote on November 2, and let 'em know whose country it is."

Diddy persuaded Kanye West, Yoko Ono, Joel Schumacher, Alicia Keys and skateboarder Tony Hawk to film similar PSAs.

Soul star Keys ends hers by stating, "Get up, stand up. Aren't you sick of laying down?"

The rap mogul admits he's thrilled with the PSAs, which will appear during MTV programming between now and election day.

He says, "It's like, 'If we had a chance to break into the Oval Office and finally be heard, what would we say and how would we say it?' The PSAs are not scripted. They're strictly from the heart."

22/09/2004 02:15