Charles Roven, the producer of box office smash The Dark Knight, has revealed that even he is uncertain about plans for a sequel to the film.

The Warner Bros release is close to passing the $1 billion ($655.3 million) mark at the box office and with the comic book movie also earning numerous awards nominations, anticipation is high for a possible third instalment.

However, Roven explained that is not aware if director Christopher Nolan is currently ready to make a new Batman film.

"I know that Chris and [writer] David Goyer are talking and thinking. We're hoping, of course, that they find and rest on something that they'll find is worthy to do, but we don't know anything more than you do right now," he told MTV.

"All I can say - because I really don't know more than you do - is that I see no reason why, tonally, Chris would do anything different than he's done in the first two films."

Roven's remarks came after The Dark Knight swept the board at the People's Choice awards before the late Heath Ledger took the best supporting actor prize at the Critics' Choice ceremony.

But despite the huge success of The Dark Knight, Nolan said last year he was not necessarily likely to produce another film about the Caped Crusader.

"I had no thought of making a second one while I was making Batman Begins so I have no idea what I would want to do in the future," he told

"The truth is, we finished working on this film about three or four weeks [before its release].

"All I can really say about that is - we certainly didn't save anything for another film."

He added: "We put everything that we wanted to see in this story into this film."

11/01/2009 01:01:01