MTV presenter Carson Daly has been receiving chilling death threats from a man who claims he was solicited to kill Robert Blake's wife BONNIE LEE BAKLEY.

Former BARETTA star Blake is currently the main suspect in the shooting of his spouse Bakley, but a man who calls himself KEVIN HULK has left a message on the answering machine of the actor's attorney TOM MESEREAU, claiming he was approached for the murder.

Hulk says on the recorded message, "I had agreed to kill Bonnie Lee Bakley. If I did kill her I would tell you that I killed her but someone else killed her anyway."

Hulk says he contacted the lead detective in the Blake case but no one followed through to investigate.

SCOTT ROSS, Blake's private investigator, says, "Here's another clue that's being ignored. Here's somebody who says, 'I was solicited.' How come they're not out investigating to find out who did the solicitation? This person says, 'I want to kill Carson Daly.' How is this not being taken seriously?"

And Hulk claims he had a strong reason to wanting to kill Bakley, "I was gonna kill her because she had my address book, My address book is precious."

Hulk claims that after he lost his address book, he put his phone numbers in a two-way pager which somehow ended up in the hands of Daly.

He says in the message, "What I'm telling you is I'm gonna kill Carson Daly because he has my two-way, and I actually saw a picture of him on MTV with my two-way. I'm gonna kill him."

He also told Mesereau, "I am gonna kill Carson Daly and I'm gonna drag you into this."

The LOS ANGELES POLICE DEPARTMENT is investigating the matter. Daly's representatives have yet to comment.

22/12/2003 09:06