Blink-182 don't want to play new material live in case it leaks onto the internet.

The rockers have completed just one new track, 'Up All Night', since reforming but have left fans disappointed by refusing to perform the song on their current tour.

Bassist Mark Hoppus explained: "We might possibly play it, but probably not, though. finished recording it yet, and we really don't want the first time that people hear our new song to be a YouTube version of us playing it live. We want it to be the actual song, and we haven't gotten the chance to finish it yet, so we'll probably leave it out of the set until we actually release it."

While the song - which was originally titled 'The Night the Moon Was Gone' - is not yet complete, the band are still proud of it.

Guitarist Tom DeLonge told MTV News: "It's an awesome song. We just haven't done a recording of it yet. But I don't even know if we would have room for it, we have so many songs in this set."