Amber Portwood was once the face of MTV series 'Teen Mom,' but her questionable stock has clearly rapidly fallen since then, and the former teen reality star was lucky to avoid prison this week after violating a probation ruling and also a drug violation - charged for when officers found a prescription drug in her purse without prescription. The sentences were set for two years and three years respectively, however Portwood can breathe a sigh of relief as the sentencing has been put off to see if there are any development that would affect it.

E! Online reports that there's now two ways this could go - which will stem from events at Madison County Court today, February 8th 2012. There it'll be determined whether Portwood is suitable for a drug rehabilitation program and if she is she could be on it for a period of between 18 months and three years. Any failure to follow the guidelines of that would result in a five year jail sentence - not something to be taken lightly, particularly as a mother.

However the outcome could be that if Portwood wasn't considered suitable for the program she'd go back to court and withdraw the initial pleas of guilty that she'd made and have another trial based on the same two charges. Which sounds a little less preferable to us. Mother Tonya isn't happy, saying "I think they are using her as a prime example to make themselves look good for political reasons...I don't think she should have received the punishment she was given [in the first place]."