AMBER PORTWOOD, the star of MTV’s reality show ‘Teen Mom’, is undergoing counselling after exploding into a violent rage during an episode of the hit US series. 20-year-old Portwood lost her temper with fiance GARY SHIRLEY and began, “slapping and punching him”, according to
The pair’s youngest daughter Leah witnessed the entire incident, and viewers of the show became incensed by the disturbing footage. Once the episode had aired, Child Protective Services and the police began investigating the matter, and the authorities are currently conducting a criminal investigation. However, Portwood told US Weekly Magazine that the counselling was going well, saying, “A lot has changed. I haven’t hit him since that fight. When I see myself in that position, it really opens my eyes”, before adding, “I want to stop it, because I don't want to be like that.”
The episode in question was entitled ‘Lashing Out’, and was aired on 28th September 2010, drawing 3.9 million viewers, the highest figures yet for season two of the show.