British singer Ms Dynamite loves her job - but finds the constant presence of paparazzi photographers a real downside to her fame.

The IT TAKES MORE hitmaker, 22, found herself the focus of intense media scrutiny after she shot to fame in 2002, and her pregnancy and marriage last year (03) made her of further interest to the tabloids.

And now the singer has son SHAVAAR's interests to protect, she is finding the media more sympathetic to her pleas for privacy.

She says, "I do feel it's something I have to get used to as part of my job though, but it doesn't mean I find it any easier to deal with just because I know that that's how it is.

"But when I was pregnant I felt like saying, 'Please give me a break.' I was feeling a bit temperamental as well, but now they're really good to me.

"When I see pictures of him in the paper, they make a point of saying that I don't really want him in the public eye. A lot of people are respecting that."

"I don't want him to be the child of a celebrity. I want him to grow up his own person. When he sees me I want him to see me as mum, that's it. He doesn't need that life."

08/01/2004 02:25