British R+B star Ms Dynamite has launched a scathing assault on her female contemporaries - labelling their lyrics too rude.

The award-winning hip-hop star - real name NIOMI McLEAN-DALEY - is urging artists like Missy Elliott and 'Lil Kim to tone down the explicit sexual content of modern rap songs, so Dynamite can play their tunes to her "little sister".

She says, "I do feel that there's stuff to talk about other than sex, your body, how many men you sleep with, and the rest of it. I understand why female MCs speak about that stuff, because it makes money and it gets attention.

"I wanna hear some female rappers who aren't talking about their big bums and sexual positions. I don't appreciate my little sister listening to it. To me, it's not empowering."

11/11/2003 09:44