Action man Mr T decided to write a book detailing his cancer battle to encourage fellow sufferers that if he can fight the disease in the public eye, then they can overcome the affliction too. The A-TEAM star was diagnosed with lymphoma in 1995 and underwent a recovery programme including chemotherapy and radiation. At the same time, Mr T - real name LAURENCE TUREAUD - was fighting cancer he had to endure media reports of his death. And so Mr T wrote CANCER SAVED MY LIFE for the benefit of fellow cancer victims. He tells US TV show Entertainment Tonight, "I would go to the store to get some bananas and juice. And then my picture is in the smut magazine - 'Mr T Is Dying', 'He's 98 pounds'. "I use my cancer situation to give hope to other people. I tell them, if I can deal with my cancer in public, you should be able to deal with your cancer and your problems in private."