Mr Hudson wears tight jeans so his fans can't rip them off when he jumps into the crowd.

The 'Supernova' hitmaker's fans like to get physical with him - which has led him to lose many items of clothing when touring, and he's also stopped wearing hats because they don't last long enough.

He told BANG Showbiz: "I've lost watches, hats allsorts. That's what I wear skinny jeans, it's hard to get those off.

"I've had a lot of t-shirts disfigured and ripped, but thankfully none of them have properly come off - I'm an Englishman, y'know, I've got a one pack. If people are going to be tearing my clothes off I need to get some gym time in.

"I used to wear hats a lot and I would treat myself to like a £100 hat and y'know, life on the road, people would sit on them, or just take it off my head and run off with it. It was purely economic in the end, I had to stop because I can't spend £100 a week on hats!

Mr Hudson, real name Ben, also said he doesn't mid his fans wanting to touch him, but said he's had some confusing experiences.

He added: "They prefer it when I jump in the crowd because they can squeeze me that way. It's weird, I get so many people at the front tapping me, just tapping me. It's like, 'rip my clothes off, sure, but don't tap me!'

"What's funny is climbing on the barrier and a girl grabbing you and not letting you go as you try to climb away."

Mr Hudson is touring the UK from May 1 to May 17 and is also an ambassador for the Nokia E72 In Action campaign - sharing tips on how people can run their social life from a mobile. For more information visit: