Moulin Rouge! star JOHN LEGUIZAMO suffered for his art as Dr Victor Clemente in medical drama ER - because he became the target of all jokes. The actor's initiation to the TV show included a series of practical jokes - something that has become the norm since George Clooney's days on the set. Leguizamo says, "It's kind of like they welcomed me into the family when they played practical jokes on me, although I didn't really enjoy them too much. "The episodes that I was in I was headlining so I had a lot of dialogue and I'd finally get the last line right and I'd dig into my pocket to pull out my surgical gloves to do an operation and they tied all my gloves together, so I had to do the whole take over again. "In another operation, there was a big serious moment and I go to get my gloves out of the box and they had tied like a hundred of them together. Then they put Vaseline on my phone when I had to make a call during a scene."