Moulin Rouge! star Nicole Kidman finds her native Australia is one of the only places she can relax in the world because her fame isn't such a big deal.

Kidman, who is affectionately called 'Our Nic' by the Australian press, has just spent three months on holiday in Sydney, following rumours of ill-health and an eating disorder at the end of 2004.

She says, "My friends say that I look better. The great thing about going home is that Australians don't think my fame is a big deal.

"I can go to Bondi Beach with the kids without being closely observed. I can really relax and I've been playing with them and seeing my mother and sister.

"That family support, both believing in me and helping me, has been vital. I wouldn't be here at all, enjoying the success I've had, if it wasn't for them."

22/04/2005 02:30