Motorhead star Phil Campbell has paid tribute to the band's longtime assistant and engineer, Dave Hilsden, following his death.

Hilsden, aka Hobbsy, spent three decades as the heavy rock act's go-to guy, handling tour details and even accounts for Lemmy and his bandmates.

He served as the engineer on Motorhead’s 2010 album The World Is Ours and appeared in the band's 2005 concert documentary Stage Fright.

Announcing the sad news in a tweet to fans, Campbell writes, "He gave 30 years of his life to Motorhead. He was a good guy. Rip."

Lemmy recently paid tribute to Hilsden, stating, "It’s f**ing incredible. He used to do it all...! Hobbsy served his time. In fact, we give him a nervous breakdown. He’s given his life to us, really.”

An official statement from the band suggests the engineer was "a unique and wonderful man".

Full details of Hilsden's death, including the cause were not available as Wenn went to press.