Rockers Motorhead have cancelled the remainder of their European tour as frontman Lemmy continues to battle ill health.

The British band axed three tour dates late last month (Jun13) following reports the singer, who recently underwent heart surgery, was suffering with a "severe haematoma" - a localised collection of blood outside the vessels.

Now the group has been forced to pull the plug on all its gigs through 4 August (13) to allow Lemmy more time to recover.

Drummer Mikkey Dee tells Swedish newspaper, "The doctors in Berlin (Germany) are recommending that he rests for another couple of weeks. We can't keep cancelling show after show, it's too costly. Therefore we unfortunately have to cancel the entire tour. There will be an official announcement regarding his health shortly...

"We're really sorry. But we're not cancelling because of a cold and this is something we've put a lot of thought into. It's so f**king typical, but what are you going to do? You have to put health before everything else."

The rockers have yet to release any further information about Lemmy's condition, but a representative recently posted a message on his account, assuring fans the star is "alive, breathing, talking, f**king, drinking, eating, reading" and looking forward to getting back on the road.