Hard-living Motorhead star Lemmy insists no one will ever be able to top Jimi Hendrix's rock star credentials - because he was the best guitarist, drug user, womaniser and sex soldier the world has ever known.
The Ace of Spades hitmaker worked as Hendrix's roadie and drug dealer in 1967 - and still revels in tales of the late guitar great's debauchery.
Lemmy says, "I'd score acid for him. I'd get 10 tabs, and he'd take seven and give me three, which I thought was very reasonable.
"He was great, a perfect old-school gentlemen - if a girl came into the room, he'd shoot to his feet."
But it was Hendrix's bedroom antics that impressed Lemmy the most: "If you wanted to see some athletic f**king, Jimi was the boy for it. I'd never seen anything like it - there were always lines of chicks going nuts outside his dressing room. It was like, 'Take a number and wait.'"
And Lemmy insists no one comes close to Hendrix as a guitarist: "He played rhythm and lead at the same time, under his leg, behind his back, left and right, upside down... God bless Eddie Van Halen, he's nowhere near. Hendrix did it all, and when he died, it stopped."