Former Motley Crue rocker Vince Neil has been charged with attacking a prostitute at a brothel in Nevada, America.

The 42-year-old is alleged to have grabbed ANDREA TERRY by the neck and thrown her at a wall at the notorious MOONLIGHT BUNNY RANCH - where Neil had stopped after performing in nearby Reno.

But Neil's lawyer SCOTT FREEMAN has blasted the claims, insisting his client has been set up by an "opportunist" adding, "Celebrities are always targets for this type of behaviour."

The frontman hasn't performed with MOTLEY CRUE since 1999, but a reunion tour is being planned to coincide with the release of THE DIRT, a movie about the band, next year (04).

Bassist Nikki Sixx recently said, "We plan on a tour and on recording new music as well. All the drama and the bulls*** aside, I love playing in Motley Crue."

27/11/2003 02:49