SUM 41 rocker STEVE JOCZ fears his band's live performance will be "dwarfed" by Motley Crue on the legendary band's reunion tour.

The Canadian punks have been enlisted to provide support at the forthcoming shows, and although Jocz is thrilled to be part of the experience, he's worried his group's ego will suffer a severe knock.

And he's fully aware his drumming displays will be no match for the tricks Tommy Lee is bound to have in store for the Crue gigs.

He says, "I might get my drum tech to push my drum kit forward and then pull it back really fast. Or maybe we'll put it on wheels and I'll get some stagehands to spin it around.

"But anything we try to do, they'll definitely do it better. It's not like we're going to try and do a massive production, because anything we do will be dwarfed by them."

15/03/2005 09:13