Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx fears his upcoming autobiography will be too much for fans to handle because it details his sickening life as a freebasing junkie.

The bass player, now a family man, insists he won't be reliving his hedonistic 1980s days while touring with the reunited group this spring (05), but he's revealing all about his worst moments in a new book.

He says, "Some of this s**t is so f**king insane, it will make your skin crawl because I was not only a junkie, I was a freebaser, and I injected coke all the time, so I had psychosis.

"I was shooting the walls because I was sure that the cops were on the other side of them, saying, 'We're coming to get you.' And then I'd f**king come to and there'd be nobody there but the f**king holes in the wall."

Sixx, real name FRANKLIN CARLTON FERANNA, planned to base the autobiography on diary entries he made during the height of his heroin addiction in 1996 and 1997, but has since expanded the project, entitled THE HEROIN DIARIES, to include poetry and interviews with bandmates and famous pals.

Writing the book has made Sixx, who actually died briefly after one heroin-fuelled night, realise that he'll never return to the days when he was forever high or really low.

He explains, "I f**king died and came back, and you can't top that. I beat God at his own game."

18/02/2005 09:32