LATEST: Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx has publicly thanked the Canadian city official who slammed the group's off-stage antics as "pornographic", insisting his outburst has only served to heighten their popularity.
Earlier this month (May08), Sarnia councillor Dave Boushy attempted to have the rockers banned from performing at Ontario's Bayfest concert in July (08), after claiming their appearance could harm the city's image.
He failed in his bid when his fellow officials refused to support him in censoring the outdoor event - and now Sixx has spoken out to express his gratitude to Boushy for helping to boost the band's reputation, reports
Bassist Sixx says, "He's right. People like him are always out to attack rock and roll, you know. God bless them, man. They keep our name in the press and re-ignite our passion to hold up our middle finger to all those people who really don't understand.
"If that's how these people have to get a little press, then that's their problem."