Motley Crue star Nikki Sixx has paid tribute to the addiction expert he credits for saving his life after learning of his pal's death. The bass player issued a statement on Tuesday (11Mar08) after hearing of the passing of revered California counsellor Bob Timmons. Sixx writes, "He saved not only my life, but so many others. He single-handedly affected millions of people's lives. I miss him dearly already. "We spoke quite a bit in the last year. One of the kindest things I've heard in my life was when he told me he was proud of me for giving back through (autobiography) The Heroin Diaries, and for staying sober during hard times. "To hear that from such a great man warmed my heart and I felt like what it must have felt like if my own father had given me such praise. "You helped us all see how to live free from addiction, and I can't say it loud enough, THANK YOU... THANK YOU... Bob, I know you're watching, and we all hope to do you proud. Thank you for sharing your life with us." Timmons died at the end of last week (ends07Mar08).