Motley Crue wildman Nikki Sixx has finally understood how his outrageous onstage behaviour must have appalled parents - after he took his daughter to watch a Backstreet Boys concert.

Reformed drug addict Sixx was watching the boyband when singer Aj Mclean grabbed his crotch in full view of the audience, made up predominantly of young Girls.

And the GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS rocker admits the experience made him appreciate just how bad his behaviour once was.

Sixx says, "I've taken my daughter to a Backstreet Boys concert. She wanted to go and I wanted her to experience it from the audience perspective.

"So we were in the tenth row, and they dropped this huge ramp out and AJ, who's the 'bad one', comes out and grabs his d*** with his hands, like, right in front of my daughter.

"I cover her eyes, and she's like, 'Dad'. And I was like, 'Oh my GOD, I must have put parents through hell.' Because I would actually pull mine out. That's the difference.

"That's why I covered her eyes - I was f***ing embarrassed because he's a wimp.

"No, as a parent I was like, 'Oh no.' It's f***ing hard work being a parent and a rock star at the same time.

"I say 'f***' and get fined in my own house. I'm going broke from my kids collecting on me for saying 'f***'. I say 'f**' paid for this house.' And then they charge me another dollar."

27/07/2004 21:19