Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has dismissed reports the rockers have signed a record and concert deal worth in excess of $100 million (GBP50 million), insisting the allegations are "false". The band was said to have recently agreed to a three album and three world tour contract with gig promoters Live Nation, in a multi-million dollar deal similar to that of pop superstar Madonna, according to an online blog quoting singer Vince Neil. Neil is reported to have told blogger Robin Leach the first of the three tours would begin this July (08), adding, "We'll actually have been together for 37 years by the time it (the Live Nation deal) comes to an end." But according to, Sixx is adamant there is no truth to the claims. In a statement released on Monday (11Feb08), Sixx says, "Motley Crue has not signed any deals. Any information reported to the contrary is false and misleading."