Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil is convinced a joint tour with Poison "could happen" because there has been such a positive response to the idea since BRET MICHAELS suggested it.
The Poison star recently told fans about plans for a series of joint shows with the band in 2011, claiming the tour would be put together to celebrate his group's 25th anniversary and Motley Crue's 30 years in showbusiness.
Motley Crue's Tommy Lee subsequently denied the story, while frontman Neil confessed he was baffled by Michaels' claims.
But Neil admits promoters are now talking about a joint tour and it could actually go ahead.
He tells American DJ Elliot Segal on his Elliot In The Morning radio show, "I don't know why Bret would say that. And I hadn't heard about it. People were asking me, and I'm going, 'I never heard that in my life.' And I was getting a lot of Twitters about it. I finally just called my office and said, 'What is up with this?' I was kind of p**sed that nobody told me. And they go, 'Look, we have no idea. There was never anything like that (being considered) or that was even being talked about.'
"But the funny thing is, ever since (Michaels) did that and now people are talking about it, crazier things have happened. It could happen. Because you have promoters out there going, 'Hmmm... Yeah, maybe. Yeah, that sounds like a great package.' You know what I mean?!"