LATEST: Motley Crue stars Vince Neil, MICK MARS and Nikki Sixx have filed an amended complaint against bandmate Tommy Lee's manager CARL STUBNER. The trio was told to provide more information or risk having their lost wages legal action thrown out of court. In their initial suit, filed in June (07), the rockers claimed that Stubner and Lee's 2006 reality TV show, Tommy Lee Goes To College, cost them lost wages while it was being filmed and then "diminished the public's interest in Lee and their overall perception of his musical talents" when the project flopped. Mars, Neil and Sixx claimed the band had to scrap a string of lucrative concerts because Lee was too busy working on the reality TV show. But a judge in California ruled the legal papers didn't support a cause of action last month (Aug07), and he gave the rockers 20 days to re-file the papers with additional facts. The trio claim the updated documents, filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday (11Sep07), demonstrates the newly-obtained evidence "supports and confirms allegations in the amended complaint... that Stubner breached his fiduciary duties to Motley Crue by orchestrating a scheme for his personal financial gain at the expense and to the detriment of the band." In a press statement, Mars, Sixx and Neil add, "Even though he received approximately a million dollars in commissions from Motley Crue, Stubner used his positions as the band's manager and the manager of one of the band members to demand a higher commission for himself." The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages of more than $20 million (GBP10 million) for loss of earnings and profits resulting from the defendants' actions.