LATEST: Motley Crue stars Vince Neil, MICK MARS and Nikki Sixx have reportedly settled a $20 million (GBP10 million) lawsuit against bandmate Tommy Lee's manager CARL STUBNER. The rockers filed the suit against Stubner in June (07) accusing him of becoming too focused on Lee's career to the detriment of the band, citing breach of fiduciary duties and constructive fraud. They claimed Stubner damaged Lee's reputation by signing him up for a series of reality shows including Rock Star: Supernova and Tommy Lee Goes to College, and then took the drummer away from rehearsals, recording and touring with Motley Crue by loading his schedule with other commitments. The complaint also stated that their former manager had demanded an increase in his commission and threatened to make Lee unavailable for their 2006 Red, White and Crüe tour if they didn't comply. A judge in California previously ordered the stars to amend the suit, which asked for more than $20 million (GBP10 million) for loss of earnings and profits, with more evidence of wrongdoing before the lawsuit could go further. But according to, the band have now arrived at a settlement agreement with Stubner. The two-page document states a request for dismissal will be filed by 31 May (08) on the successful completion of the undisclosed terms arrived at by the warring parties. A hearing scheduled for Friday (21Mar08) has also been cancelled.