LATEST: Reformed rockers Motley Crue wowed fans in Hollywood on Monday night (06DEC04) by announcing their 2005 reunion tour plans with a live show.

The SMOKING IN THE BOYS ROOM hitmakers, who split seven years ago (97), performed for devotees at Los Angeles' Palladium club, and even staged a live backstage interview with CNN chat show host Larry King via satellite before beginning the concert.

Singer Vince Neil told King the group had come to terms with the differences that split them up: "We still hate each other but we're tolerating this. Me and TOMMY (LEE) have found a common ground in Pinot Grigio (wine).

"In all honesty, it was never bad in the first place. It was kind of like, 'Who squeezed the toothpaste from the top?' and Tommy was always the one who squeezed it from the top."

The reformed group will embark on an American tour in February (05).

08/12/2004 02:52