American rockers Motley Crue are still finding it difficult to come to terms with just how successful their reunion has been after years of in-fighting between bandmembers.

The GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS hellraisers reached an all time low when singer Vince Neil traded blows with drummer Tommy Lee at an airport check-in desk shortly before the band went on sabbatical six years ago (99).

And bassist Nikki Sixx is pleased concert-goers haven't been treated the onstage fall-outs they expected during recent shows on the US comeback tour.

He says, "It does seem strange that respect and decadence can somehow go together in the same sentence as the words Motley Crue.

"I know that people want to turn up because they think they're buying a ringside seat at a car crash - the Mike Tyson effect - but they're not going to get fist fights between bandmembers, we're done with all that.

"The press loves to try to keep controversy alive because people love disaster stories - just look at Michael Jackson."

17/05/2005 17:21