Reformed rockers Motley Crue are following in Ozzy Osbourne's footsteps by launching their own touring hard-rock festival.
CrueFest will kick off in West Palm Beach, Florida on 1 July (08) and tour throughout 41 cities across the U.S. and Canada.
The hellraising band will use the touring festival as a way of promoting their latest LP Saints Of Los Angeles, which is due out less than three weeks before the start of the tour.
The band will be joined by Grammy-nominated acts Buckcherry and Papa Roach, who will perform at all the events, which are expected to be sold out within a week of the announcement.
Drummer Tommy Lee told fans he is hoping the move will follow in the success of Ozzfest, which was launched by Black Sabbath frontman Osbourne and his reality TV star wife Sharon in 1996.
Lee says, "(I hope it's) somewhat of an OzzFest, and carries on for years and years and years, which would be badass, right?"