Motley Crue were forced to schedule their reunion tour for this year (05) because guitarist Mick Mars is battling a debilitating spinal disease - and could be too ill to perform live again in the near future.

Ankylosing Spondlylitis means Mars is in constant pain from the medical condition affecting his spine - but he was determined to re-join bandmates Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil onstage.

He says, "I have AS, lots of people have it, but I'm determined to keep on working and seeing this thing through.

"As long as people dig the stuff I play onstage then I'll go on like a little troll, I don't care. I have a ghoulish image that I have cultivated over the years anyway, so what's the difference.

"Touring is hard on my body, but I love to do it. It keeps me alive."

17/05/2005 21:38