Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee insists he had no way of escaping the pyrotechnic mishap which left him with burns during a gig in Wyoming in October (05).

The 43-year-old drummer, who was suspended on cables 10 metres above the stage when he was engulfed by flames, suffered burns to his arms and face after an electrical fault caused an explosion.

He says, "It's made to look as if I get blown off the final drum set by a massive pyro, but on that night I realised one second before the explosion happened that I was actually about to get blown off.

"So I took the hit and covered my face. I got first degree burns on my arms, singed my eyelashes.

"Then my drum tech said to me, 'No disrespect, my man, but you look like WILE E COYOTE. You look funny.'"