Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has fallen in love with British singer CHERYL TWEEDY from pop band Girls Aloud.

Lee is so impressed with the pop star's beauty he invited her to one of his infamous parties - but the LOVE MACHINE singer spurned his advances to spend time with her soccer star fiance Ashley Cole.

The rocker is devastated about the star's recent engagement but is determined not to let it stop him from romancing her.

The band's manager says, "We tried to invite them to the party. VINCE (NEIL, Motley Crue singer) said, 'Dude you've got to invite a band called Girls Aloud.'"

Lee insists, "We've got to, dude. F**k she's hot! Cheryl Tweedy. F**k. She's amazing looking.

"Cheryl Tweedy... she is f**king amazing. She just got engaged? Damn it!"

14/07/2005 09:09