Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee was furious he failed to top a recent Top 20 of the world's most notorious hellraisers - after he was beaten by rockers who died years ago.

The Girls, GIRLS, GIRLS wildman is disgusted by the survey, in which he trails behind The Who's late drummer Keith Moon, as he insists dead hellraisers don't count.

And being knocked out of top 10 by stars including drug-addled HAPPY MONDAYS star Shaun Ryder proved too much to bear, as he doesn't even know who he is.

He fumes, "It's more than disappointing. It's disgraceful. I came in at No 13 and I should have been right at the top.

"There's people above me on that list like SHAUN RYDER, and I've never even heard of that dude.

"Half the people on that list are dead (Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, KEITH MOON). How can they raise hell? We're still doing it."