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just finished Nikki's book it was fantastic by far the best book i ever read...reading it and really experiencing his state of mind kinda made me feel like i was losing my mind but i couldn't put it down i love it Nikki Sixx is one of my favorite bass players from the 80's im 25yrs old and i feel like i was born in the wrong generation when it comes to music i love 80's metal and like Nikki music is my life i don't think i could function without it...would love to se the crue live then i could die happy

Posted 5 years 1 week ago by mannylou123

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I am writing this post to put out some sad info on Stormy Mars’s condition. She was just diagnosed with cancer and with deteriorating hips. She has been living with the same disease, ankylosing spondylitis, as her father. She does not live in a life of plenty. She is actually living in slum conditions. She is fighting the state of California to get basic medical attention. Given her current condition, she is in pain 24 hours a day. Her pain pill regiment is unbelievable. Her medication schedule consumes her daily life. That is the sad news.The infuriating news, Mick Mars, Stormy’s biological father, is completely ignoring her and left her for the wolves. He does not return her phone calls, does not even direct his personal doctor to assist her. While he has access to the best care available and is able to go out on tour, his own flesh and blood is left to a life of immobility and constant pain. I am appealed at Mr. Mars and call upon all of you to pressure him to do the right thing. I personally have called every number and emailed every address I can find to try and facilitate her getting some help from him but have only seem brick walls.If you know anyone who is able to get through to him, not only through conversation but to his heart, please do so. I for one could never call myself a man if I had the ability to save my own daughter and failed to do so.

Posted 7 years 7 months ago by Brew_man

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im gald about motley being back togeather again

Posted 7 years 9 months ago by turtlegonemotley

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Is this motley crue?

Posted 11 years 8 months ago by x0xmotleycruex0x

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NO i think tommy lee should play himself... it woulden't be the same seeing mick,vince and nikki with Depp..----------#1 Crue Chicksarah,13,canada

Posted 11 years 8 months ago by x0xmotleycruex0x

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