Mos Def, the American rapper and actor, has signed on to join award-winning cast of crime saga 'Dexter', reports MTV News. Mos Def will take on the role of ex-con 'Brother Sam', a religious and reformed criminal who still seems to attract violence wherever he goes.
The 37-year-old Brooklyn based rapper will feature prominently in the forthcoming season, with lead actor Michael C. Hall attempting to uncover the mystery of Def's character. Joining the rapper as a new cast-member is Colin Hanks, the eldest son of Academy Award winner Tom Hanks, who will play a potential nemesis to Hall's 'Dexter'. Acting since he was 14 years old, Mos Def has achieved critical acclaim in his previous movie roles, most notably, Michel Gondry's 'Be Kind Rewind'. He also starred in HBO's 'Something the Lord Made', earning Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominations for his role as the surgical technician 'Vivien Thomas'. A member of the musical duo Black Star with Talib Kweli, the 37-year-old is also a six-times Grammy Award winner and released his last album 'The Ecstatic' in 2009 to near unanimous critical acclaim.
Mos Def will appear in all twelve episodes of 'Dexter's' season six. The fifth season finale finished strongly, pulling in 2.5 million viewers on its first airing.