Hip-hop star Mos Def was in awe of Brits when he visited London last year (04) - because he deemed their accents proof of their superior intelligence over his fellow Americans.

The rapper-turned-actor, real name DANTE SMITH, spent several weeks in the British capital filming his upcoming movie THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, and he admits he was initially convinced that every Londoner was extremely clever.

He says, "I love London but... me and (actor) Jeffrey Wright had made a shared observation that the British accent leads you to believe that everything that they're saying is smarter.

"So for your first two weeks there you're like, 'Everyone here is brilliant. I think the British are a little quicker than the Americans.' I started to really kinda have a differential attitude to British people that I was speaking to about things because they just sounded brighter.

"But I started to realise that they weren't really... and some of them were not that bright at all, but I had been tricked by (the accent)."

19/01/2005 09:18